Background to WARM

WARM was inspired by Frank, a sheep farmer who had just sold the farm that had been in his family for five generations. As someone who worked on the land every day, he had seen the effect of a changing climate; the land was dryer, the weather less predictable, the seasons were changing and the new global economy made it impossible for him to survive financially. But Frank had noticed another change over time:

“The problem is we’ve become so dependent on fossil fuels to keep warm, we’ve forgotten how to warm ourselves with wool.”

After listening to Frank’s story, we wanted to create a project that celebrated the beauty and practicality of wool as a way to keep warm. We wanted this project to make a strong and arresting statement about the redundancy of fossil fuels as an energy source.

Closing the Loop

WARM is a sustainable project that has been designed with an aim to “close the loop” of our materials and energy use by recycling and reusing throughout the project.

  • All knitted elements will be made from left over, reused or organic wool.
  • All pieces from the project will be wearable or useable elements; ie mitts, brooches or a knitted bouquet for your vase.
  • Any unavoidable emissions created as a result of delivering the project will be offset by trees planted by project sponsors Fifteen Trees – thank you 15 trees!

What’s going to happen at the end of the project?

We are aiming to exhibit the final artwork across Victoria, at various galleries and events.

If the piece needs to be disassembled, we will donate the wearable items to people in need, and invite people to adopt the decorative elements for display.