About the Artists

Georgie Nicolson

Textile Artist, Designer and Teacher

Georgie fell into knitwear design out of necessity. A gorgeous 200g ball of gradient yarn and no suitable pattern forced her to wing it and write her own. Since then, Georgie has self-published over 90 knitting patterns, including the very popular milo vest which has over 10 000 projects on Ravelry and is ranked in Revelry’s Top 10 most popular patterns. Her catalogue of patterns includes kids wear, ladies wear, garments, accessories as well as the whimsical.

Her designs aim to capture a timeless feel with simple lines and classic shapes. She believes that communication and no-guess work for the knitter is essential in a pattern and aims to create patterns that are injected with attention to detail, clear instructions and a clean uncluttered layout to bridge the gap between this timeless craft and the modern knitter. Georgie likes to experiment with both form and structure, and constantly seeks to challenge familiar and traditional construction techniques and approaches in her designs.

She believes it is every knitter’s fundamental responsibility to pass on the skill to the next generation and to encourage a culture within our society that values the traditional domestic arts as true and valuable expressions of creativity. She finds great joy in teaching others to knit.

When she’s not out adventuring with her two children (both of whom knit) and film-maker husband, you can find her at tikkiknits.com

Lars Stenberg

Visual Artist and Image Design

Lars Stenberg grew up in the coal mining region of Scotland. His work is concerned with environments, how we shape them, and how they shape us. Primarily a painter he also works with digital media and assemblage, and has undertaken several large-scale public art projects. He lives in Ballarat and divides his time between painting, writing, gallery work and bushwalking. larsstenberg.net

Melanie Stanger

Pattern Book and Graphic Design

Melanie is a graphic designer whose social enterprise reflects her passion for the natural environment, creativity and sustainable living. An agent of change, she is now even more motivated by motherhood. thechangesmiths.com.au

The Rest of the Team:

Verity Higgins, Creative Producer

Verity is a freelance actor, director and producer. Prior to returning to freelance she worked as a regional arts development officer with Regional Arts Victoria. Trained at the VCA, Verity has worked in a broad range of capacities in the Arts including with a touring theatre company in the UK and directing a documentary about a community choir acquired by the ABC.

Lisa Kendal, Sustainability Director, SEAM

Tracy Bourne, Artistic Director, SEAM