Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the intention of the Climate Choir?

A national choir project providing an opportunity for community choirs to join their voices in a coordinated performance event to raise awareness of the importance of action on climate change.  The songs tell the story of our unique planet, why it is important to act on climate change and a call for action.

Can individual singers get involved, or do I need to join a choir?

We suggest that singers join a choir if possible, however if you are good at reading music and can learn parts quickly you are welcome to learn the songs in your own time. We ask that individual singers contribute $5 towards scores and audio files if possible.

Will there be a large group rehearsal before the event?

Yes. We are planning to run a group rehearsal in each area for participating choirs in the week leading up to the event. The date, time and venue will be dependent on the group involved. We will distribute this information in early October.

How will the soloists for the final event be decided?

We encourage choirs to nominate their own soloist for rehearsals. We will be in touch with you 4 weeks prior to the event to find out if your soloist/s are interested in performing as part of the final event. For the larger groups in metropolitan areas, we are expecting that solos will have to be shared. We will divide the solo parts up according to the number of singers interested. We will confirm the final arrangements for the soloists well ahead of time and be open to feedback during this process.

Where will the final event/s be?

We have choirs from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Mt Gambier and Ballarat interested so far. We will be in touch with the Town Halls and Parliamentary buildings in these areas to get permission to conduct the event. When the performance has been approved we will confirm venues directly will all registered choirs.

Do all choirs in metropolitan cities need to join the larger group, or can we meet outside the Town Hall in our council area?

This is up to your choir. Some choirs have indicated that they want to perform with the larger group, others would prefer to perform in their own council area.

Will there be amplification on the day of the performance?

Yes, there will be amplification as needed. Obviously, the amount of amplification will depend on the size of the group. We will finalise this closer to the event when numbers have been confirmed.

What kind of publicity will there be for the event?

We will be working with our Media partners at the Climate Media Centre to maximise publicity around this event. For our previous project, WARM, we were able attract a print, radio and television profile, as well as a lot of social media. The ABC television segment about our project has attracted over 400,000 likes on Facebook. The publicity of this project will generate discussion and action around the importance of climate change and we hope it will encourage our leaders in Australia to take responsibility for this issue when they travel to the UN Bonn Climate Conference.

Will there be a live audience at the performance?

The size of the audience will depend on how much you are able to spread the word among your family, friends and colleagues. We will also be publicising the event (see previous question) We are expecting that there will be some spontaneous audience members, and media as well as people that you invite. We will distribute a media release to all choirs prior to the event and will encourage you to distribute it among your networks.

What is the Bonn Climate Conference?

The Bonn Climate Change Conference, organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, will take place from 6th November to the 17th November 2017 in Bonn, Germany. At this conference world leaders will continue to plan how to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement targets and accelerate the transition to a sustainable, resilient and climate-safe world.

What is SEAM Inc?
SEAM Inc is a not for profit arts organisation that creates inclusive and adventurous art and events that connect people to issues of sustainability.  For more info about SEAM go to